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St Andrew’s takes its responsibility very seriously in the area of caring for students. Through a strong Pastoral Care program, led by experienced staff in each sub-school, the support for and monitoring of student development is implemented.

From the “You Can Do It” program in Primary school to “Living Values” in the Secondary Years, student care and development is of prime importance. The House structure also plays an integral role in developing a sense of belonging. In the Secondary school, students are part of a vertical House system where the Head of House is a key person in their care and well-being. Home Group consists of students across all year levels from their particular House, meeting each day. Where possible students continue with the same Home Group teacher throughout the Secondary years. Students are encouraged to take active roles in their House groups nurturing a spirit of pride and respect.

Year 7 also has a designated Year Level Manager who monitors student workload and progress. Policies relating to appropriate student behaviour encourages individuals to develop their sense of responsibility and also protects individual rights.

Our student care policy is published for all students and their families in the Student Diary and the Welcome Handbook.

Student Care Policy


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