Updates and expectations

Dear St Andrew’s community,

What a busy few weeks it has been across the College, with sporting carnivals, fantastic success at the Eisteddfods as well as visits from Kindai High, Buranga Camp and more.  The stories shared in our bulletin and social media are testament to the myriad of opportunities available for every student.  They are not always stories about success but about the opportunities our students have to learn and grow.

At the same time, I want to commend so many of our passionate staff who are currently working behind the scenes on a number of projects that form part of our strategic plan.  These projects focus on our balanced approach to technology,  our commitment to College wellbeing, the embedding of thinking skills across the curriculum, and the implementation of enrichment opportunities for every student.  They are all part of our commitment to continually reflect on and improve what we offer here at St Andrew's.  Throughout the remainder of the term, we will be revealing some of our exciting plans that will have a positive impact on both our pastoral and teaching and learning programs in the years ahead.  One such initiative is shared in this week's bulletin by Mrs Jenny Grant, our Acting Director of Information Services, and I commend her article to you, entitled Smart Search.


At the beginning of the year, I shared with parents our commitment to stand by our expectations around academic study, uniform and personal presentation.  I want to thank those parents who continually support the College, particularly when individual students are asked to address a particular matter.  On Wednesday, I met with all Secondary school girls and once again reiterated our expectations about the length of the girl’s skirt.  The skirt was designed a number of years ago to move away from the more traditional Independent school dress or very long skirt to something more corporate, smart but reflective of the Queensland climate.  With this in mind, the skirt is to be worn ON the knee.  As I shared with the girls, if the temptation is to continually wear it higher than this, then the only option for the College is to ask our suppliers to lengthen the skirt back to mid calf!  I asked the girls to ensure it is worn correctly and I ask you as parents for your support in this matter. The Uniform shop does offer a service to lengthen the skirts as well as boys trousers which should not be up around their ankles, or you may need to purchase new uniform items.  Staff will also be following up boy’s hair, girl's make-up, hair ties and hats. If you receive an email or your child tells you they need to address an issue please action the request with your child. Please feel free to direct any concerns or questions to me.

In addition, I ask for your support in ensuring students are arriving at our College on time.  This week, a large number of students have spent time with Mr Piper at lunch time as a consequence of regularly arriving late.  It is expected that all students will have arrived with the last bus at 8.30am.

As always, we value the positive relationships we have with our students; however, at the same time, we have high expectations to which our students need to rise, and I look forward to seeing this being followed through in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,

Reverend Chris Ivey