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On Tuesday, 25th April, all Primary students (Prep – Year 6) are invited to represent the College at the ANZAC Day service at Tewantin. I strongly recommend that all Primary School Leaders and Year 5 Student Council representatives attend the Service. The students attending should meet at “The Atrium” in Poinciana Drive at 8.30 am. Year Six students are required to wear their formal uniform with all other students wearing their day uniform to the Service. The students must have their hats and can also bring a water bottle. The march commences at 9.00 am. At the conclusion of the Service, you can collect your child from the cenotaph. The College looks forward to your child’s involvement.

The Atrium, Poinciana Drive, Tewantin
Tue, 25 Apr 2017 - 8:30am

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