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At St Andrew’s, Wellbeing is a pillar of our culture and practice. We recognise effective student and staff learning and growth is built on a foundation of strong relationships, a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and the practice of positive emotions.

Wellbeing at St Andrew’s brings together the science of positive psychology with best practice teaching to encourage and support the students in our care to achieve their personal best in all aspects of their life.

Across our College, students are taught the value of having a growth mindset, the importance of practicing kindness and gratitude, and the positive effects that result from being present in their learning and relationships through mindfulness.

In the primary classrooms children explore concepts such as grit and a growth mindset, character strengths, and optimism using children’s literature and stories as conversation starters. Regular library sessions support them to engage in rich discussions that are extended through the use of a wellbeing-based student diary. Concepts such as social skill development, emotional literacy, gratitude and kindness are foundational in all classes and lessons and form part of ‘every day’ learning.

In Secondary, students have the opportunity to engage with aspects of wellbeing and positive psychology through their weekly homeroom lessons and through the use of a wellbeing-based student diary. They also develop skills and knowledge in positive health practices through their timetabled 'My Wellbeing' classes.

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Andrew Eunson
Head of People & Organisational Engagement

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