MY (Middle Years) Projects

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Year 7, 8 and 9 students will once again participate in the engaging MY (Middle Years) Projects in the last week of Term 4.

Year 9: 23 November - 29 November
Year 8: 27 November - 29 November
Year 7: 27 November - 28 November

Global Citizenship Project – Year 9
In collaborative groups students examine the way other students around the world have used social media to make a change. They then decide on a cause worth pursuing and that they feel passionate about. Using a variety of social media sites, they design a campaign to promote their cause. During the week the Year 9’s also examine their own Digital Footprint. They look at themselves from the perspective of what others may see. Students answer questions such as, ‘What would others see if they Googled my name? Is that what I want my image to portray? How do I make my Digital Footprint what I want it to be?’

Washed Ashore Marine Debris Sculpture Project – Year 8
You are a sculptor interested in caring for the environment by making artworks out of collected, repurposed marine debris. You have researched the effect marine debris has on the world’s oceans. Your work aims to bring awareness to these issues as well being a practical way of repurposing waste. You have decided to work alongside a small team of like-minded artists to create a collaborative sculpture of an endangered sea animal. The sculpture you make with your fellow artists will be displayed in an exhibition of marine debris sculptures called ‘Washed Ashore’.

Billy Cart Project – Year 7
On your marks… Get Set… GO!!! The Year 7 students will be designing, building and racing their own billy cart this year. In teams, students will be working through the process of creating the fastest, most agile and visually appealing cart they can build from a range of parts provided. We aim to challenge their problem solving and creative skills. Each team will be creating a small-scale model using robotics kits and 3D software applications to design their proposed cart before building and testing on race day. But wait, the final day’s race is not the only thing they will need to be quick at. During the days of design and planning, teams will race against the clock to answer questions followed by a race to collect the parts. Along the way, students will learn how to work as a team, think creatively to solve problems and have a bit fun.

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 (All day) to Wed, 29 Nov 2017 (All day)

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