Friends of Extension and Enrichment Meeting

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Meeting the needs of Gifted & Talented students

St Andrew's highly successful Extension and Enrichment program supports and facilitates students with a broad spectrum of naturally elevated skills, capabilities and giftedness.

During this information-packed and interactive evening, Jill Green, Head of Thinking Skills, and Peter Hand, Learning & Enrichment Coordinator, will explain in detail the scale, scope and nature of St Andrew's Extension and Enrichment program.

Jill and Peter will explain how St Andrew's supports, educates and develops students with advanced skills, talents and capabilities. They will also outline the importance and role of third-party programmes, such as Tournament of Minds, da Vinci Decathlon, ICAS, Australian Mathematics competition, Maths Olympiad.

Not only will the Enrichment and Extension information provide invaluable perspective to new members of the St Andrew's community, we will also share new and fresh ideas that, hopefully, even 'long-time E&E families' find interesting. This includes discussing ways to increase connections, information sharing and support within and across St Andrew's E&E families through a new Friends of E&E group.

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The Learning Hub
Thu, 15 Mar 2018 - 6:00pm

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