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Got a passion for food & fitness?

A group of interested parents and staff (the Fit Foodies) get together periodically throughout the year, to digest good nutrition ideas and support food and fitness activities at St Andrew's Anglican College. The aim of the group is to foster a positive nutrition and fitness philosophy at the College by offering innovations and support where appropriate. This includes providing food at sports carnivals and working with the school canteen.

Many of our inaugural members have children now in their senior years, and are keen to support new members in continuing the work of Fit Foodies over future years. No special skills are required except enthusiasm, energy and a good sense of humour!

Why the Fit Foodies?

St Andrew's Anglican College places high importance on 'educating for life' and encourages students to adopt active healthy lifestyles. Nutrition is taught through the curriculum and healthy nutrition practices are supported by the college community.

The Fit Foodies is aimed at ensuring the school provides an environment that supports an awareness of good nutrition and healthy eating habits for its students, staff and parents/carers.

What do we do?

The Fit Foodies act as a reference to the school community on nutrition related issues. They can assist in menu planning for events such as school sports days, camps, excursions, celebrations, etc and can offer ideas for nutrition based curriculum activities. They believe in keeping the good nutrition message positive and fun to inspire great long term lifestyle practices.

St Andrew's students are encouraged to bring nutritious and tasty snacks and lunches to school each day. It is recommended a variety of foods from the recommended food groups make up the content of the lunchbox. Ideas for lunchbox content will be provided periodically to parents through a range of avenues, including:
  • The St Andrew's Website
  • Information in the Learning Centre
  • Nutrition education sheets and workshops for parents.

Non-nutritious foods which are high in saturated fat and sugar are not recommended for inclusion in the lunchbox e.g. lollies, chocolate bars, roll-ups, soft drinks, potato crisps etc. Chewing gum and bubble gum is not permitted.

St Andrew's recognises the value of linking positive sports performance and physical activity experiences with healthy eating habits. Within the framework of the sports program, opportunities to highlight the value of good nutrition for a fit and healthy body will be maximised.


  • The school canteen will offer appropriate foods and fluids for students and staff to 'fuel' up with prior to sports sessions.
  • The consumption of adequate fluid before, during and after physical activity will be a focus at all times.
  • St Andrew's will make available appropriate foods and fluids for students and staff at sports events such as athletic and swimming carnivals.
  • Various sports nutrition initiatives will be implemented throughout the College from time to time to further promote good food for fit bodies.

Enjoying a nutritious lunch is really important for fuelling children's energy levels and concentration for an afternoon of learning and activity. Many parents go through the anguish of what to put in their children's lunchbox that will get eaten/stay fresh/keep cool etc. Here are a few tips to help make healthier lunches, easier:


  • Plan lunches with your child at a time where you are not rushed (i.e. not school mornings!).
  • Choose foods that are quick and easy to eat - most children are keen to go and play as soon as possible at lunch time.
  • Use insulated lunch boxes, and add a freezer block to keep food fresh until lunch time.
  • Many children, particularly younger ones, prefer their food separate, as finger food, rather than together in a sandwich or roll.
  • Always include foods providing carbohydrate (preferably wholegrain versions) such as bread, pita, rolls, wholegrain crackers, pasta, and rice, and vary these from day to day.
  • Foods rich in protein such as lean meat, chicken, tuna, salmon, hummus, cheese or egg help fill children up and are essential for growth and development.
  • Add some fresh fruit - many children (and adults) will enjoy fruit more if it is presented as chopped/diced fruit, a fruit platter or fruit salad. Try small containers of strawberries, blueberries, diced mango, peach and nectarine, orange segments or apple slinkies.
  • Sneak in some vegetables such as carrot or zucchini sticks, avocado instead of margarine/butter, lettuce with a little olive oil dressing, cherry tomatoes or sweetcorn mixed with a little parmesan cheese.
  • Growing children have high calcium requirements so it is a good idea to include cheese, yogurt or milk in their lunch or morning snack. Alternatively, they can buy a cool milk or soy milk, yogurt, or frozen yogurt from tuckshop.
  • Include a homemade treat (muffin, anzac biscuit, small banana cake etc) or let children choose a frozen yogurt or flavoured milk from tuckshop.
  • Always include plenty of cool water to drink over the day.

Healthy Tip - Do as I do

Mums and Dads, experts now agree that parents are vital role models for establishing healthy eating and physical activity patterns in children. This includes teachers too! The best way to have fit, healthy and happy kids is to make sure they have fit, healthy and happy parents. Interestingly fathers appear to be particularly powerful agents in modelling physical activity. So get involved in fun games with your kids, play sports together (like beach cricket, running, riding etc.) and increase family lifestyle activities such as using stairs instead of escalators or lifts, riding the bike instead of taking the car and getting everyone involved in household tasks (okay so this last one is easier said than done but I know it will be worth it in the long run!!). Foster a positive family attitude to food and fitness.

All schools in Australia, including St Andrew's, received a 'Healthy and active school communities' resource kit to promote good practice in healthy eating and physical activity for children. This is an Australian Government initiative primarily aimed at combating our growing childhood overweight and obesity problem. The great news is that our College is well advanced in adopting all of the principles of good practice outlined in the document. With a dynamic sports department, a committed principal, and highly motivated staff, parents and students, we have instigated initiatives such as a healthy tuckshop, a College nutrition policy, recommendations for food and sport, a kitchen garden, breakfast clubs, links with local community sporting groups, an incredible choice of sports and activities before, during and after school, and the commitment to making our College leaders in promoting physical activity and healthy eating on the Sunshine Coast.


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