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The co-curricular program at St Andrew’s offers a wide range of opportunities for our students. The College has very successful Sport and Music co-curricular programs, as well as a number of other activities in which students can become involved. All students at St Andrew’s are encouraged to try a range of co-curricular activities. 

Due to the size and range of the co-curricular program, it is split into a number of sections. Links are provided to the co-curricular Sport program and co-curricular Music program. Each year, the College produces a Musical (Primary in the odd years, Secondary in the even years) whilst the Secondary school also produces a play in the odd years. Debating is offered at both the Primary and Secondary level. In addition, there is a wonderful Service program where students can get involved on a regular basis or undertake a Service Trip with the College in the Term 3 holidays. The Secondary school camp program is available on the Outdoor Education page.

Other Co-curricular Activities available (excluding Sport, Music, Performing Arts, Service and Outdoor Education):


Co-Curricular Activity Staff Contact Details Cost (approx) When

Debating (Primary)

Cath Green

Year 6 Nil

Terms 2 - 4, venues tba
Lunchtime and after school Wednesdays

Tournament of the Minds Club

Jill Green

Years 5-10 Nil

Term 2, Extension Room
Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15

Chess Club (Primary)

Rob Paterson

Prep to Year 6 Nil

All Year, F Block
Lunch time Mondays

Art Club (Primary)

Libby Derham

Prep to Year 6


All Year, K8
After school Wednesdays (Mrs Derham) OR Thursdays (Ms Morris) 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Seasons for Growth (Primary)

Heather Swift

Prep to Year 6 Nil

Terms 3 & 4, E6
Mondays: 3:15pm - 4:15pm

Small Things Club  Melanie Clare Prep to Year 3 Nil

Term 3Prep Classrooms

Spanish Club (Primary)

Naiara Ivanez Lorente

Years 2 to 6 Nil

All year, I2
Mondays at 7:45am

FBI (Primary)

Alison Paterson and Christine Sharp

Years 5 to 6 Nil

Term 1 & 2, Library
Thursdays: 7:40am to 8:20am

Toastmasters (Primary)

Rob Paterson

Years 5 to 6 $30

Term 3 (6 weeks), Year 6 classroom
Day TBC 3:15pm to  4:30pm

Readers Cup (Secondary) Christine Sharp Years 7 to 9 Nil

All Year, Library
Training times tbc
3 day competitions, 3 evening competitions (June,  August, October) 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Art Club (Secondary)

Ben Hedstrom

Years 7 to 12 Nil

All Year, K11
Thursdays 3:30 – 5:00pm

Archery Club

Luke Rowlands

Years 10 to 12 Nil

Term 2, 3 & 4, Senior Oval
Wednesdays: 7:15 – 8:15am

Da Vinci Decathlon (Secondary) Peter Hand

Years 5 to 10


Term 2, Extension room
Practice times tba
Competition – each division 1 day on the Gold Coast in Term 3 (actual dates tba)

Chess Club (Secondary)

Brad Bowen

Years 7 to 12


All Year, I1
Wednesday lunchtimes

Sunshine Coast Robotics Competition

Jill Green

Years 6 to 8 $30

Practice sessions tba, Extension room
Competition: Sat 27/8/2016 @ GSLC

Public Speaking (Secondary) - Lions Youth of the Year/ Rostrum

Trina Provan

Years 10 to 12 Nil

Term 1 & 2, I7
Tuesday lunchtimes

Photography Club (Secondary)

Ben Hedstrom

Years 7 to 12 Nil

Term 4, K11
Thursdays 3:30 – 5:00pm

Design Tech Masterclass

Alex McConnell


All Year, K Block workshop

Thursday 3.15pm to 5.00pm (excluding first/last week of term and exam block)

Duke of Edinburgh

Nathan Goodall

Years 9 - 12




All Year, G Block Office
No specific days/times – to be negotiated

Tournament of the Minds Competition

David Elley

Years 5 to 10 TBC

Term 3, extension room
Thursdays 3.15pm to 5.00pm (unless otherwise negotiated by coach and team members)

NB: more sessions may be scheduled as competition progresses

Future Problem Solving Skills

Peter Hand

Year 10


3 day FPS activity with Singapore Anglican High School

Kokoda Challenge

Margot Mackintosh

Years 7 to 12 $150

Term 2
Consult Team Leaders for times and training arrangements

Soup kitchen

Kate Lewis

Years 7 to 12 Nil

All year (term time), K3
Wednesday after-school


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