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The Ministry warmly welcomes you to the Chaplaincy pages of our website. Explore and discover what type of faith foundation St Andrew’s holds to, and how we endeavour to equip students with a framework based on reason and truth as they grow to understand and establish their own faith. If your enquiry is specifically curriculum focused, you might like to navigate to the Christian Education and Chapel Overview page.

At St Andrew’s, we understand that young Australians today, living in a ‘postmodern world’, will not simply ‘believe’ just because they are told to, and definitely not just because it is an Anglican College that they attend. We expect that students will have questions, and those questions deserve answers. For if students find sensible answers to their questions, they may in fact end up discovering a secure framework, established in truth, from which to form a trusting faith in God and a realistic ‘worldview’ that is beneficial to them as they travel this amazing journey of life.

We encourage students to question and think, to continually be aware of the competing and changing theories in the academic world, and to also respectfully understand the evidence that seems to support these differing ideas. We also encourage students to identify, distinguish and understand the difference between speculation, revelation and observational evidence.

The unique claim of Christianity is that the God of universal conviction has broken into history for all to see. The core of Christianity rests in Jesus Christ - the man who humbly lived, taught like no other, healed miraculously, claimed to be the One true God, died for our sins and rose again to return and guarantee eternal life. What do we do with this claim? How should we respond to the incredible person, work and claims of Jesus? It has been observed by many that we are left with three possible responses: Jesus was a lunatic, Jesus was a liar, or Jesus is in fact Lord God.

The Bible teaches that God not only exists, but that He can be known as the Lord and Saviour - Jesus Christ. Students will be encouraged to understand for themselves what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ so that they can then think and weigh for themselves a considered response to this historical and influential figure who claims to be God.

Please feel free to explore the Chaplaincy web pages further so as to understand our beliefs and approach to Christian Education at St Andrew’s, and if you have any further questions, please contact Mr Tim Barrett, Head of College Ministry/Head of Service & Global Learning, on 5471 5619.

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Tim Barrett
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Andrew Lucas
Head of Christian Ministry - Primary

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