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Young people have so many wonderful educational and career opportunities to choose from that it can be difficult to determine what goals to set and pursue. St Andrew’s takes a holistic view on career pathways - each student is different and consideration of the student’s interests, strengths, capabilities, values and life goals are important in finding direction. Throughout their journey at the College, students are exposed to different career experiences embedded in the curriculum, giving them insight and knowledge to explore occupations. The many opportunities offered at the College allows students to discover themselves, their skills and strengths in a safe and supportive environment. This leads to confidence, communication skills, relationship building and teamwork: all skills which will stand them in good stead when entering the workforce.

St Andrew's Anglican College has an extensive Careers Program which includes:

Career and self-exploration Computer generated career matching system Setting career goals and determining pathways
Investigating tertiary options, courses, prerequisite subjects and institutions Assisting students to develop a personal Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan Providing individual counselling sessions for Years 10, 11 and 12 students and parents for senior subject selection
Arranging visits to the school by professionals to discuss their careers Accompanying students to various career expos, University and TAFE open days and on industry visits Structured Workplace Learning for all Year 10 students (Term 4)
Establishing strong partnership links with various local community organisations Providing information on university application and admission processes

The Senior Education and Training Plan (SET Plan) allows the students to create a map for their future education and training needs required to pursue their career and life ambitions. In order to create this Plan, each student considers their interests, aptitudes, skills, knowledge and career aspirations in order to create a clear picture of the options available, and necessary pathways they must follow, in order to achieve their goals. This enables the student to gain an understanding of the educational and logistical factors that must be considered, such as the subjects they need to select for Year 11 and 12, the tertiary institutions that offer the types of courses they intend to study and where they are located. The SET Plan also helps students to decide upon a suitable Structured Work Experience Placement to undertake in Year 10. 

The SET Plan is a 'living document' insofar as it is subject to revision and change, according to any changes in direction a student may wish to make. As part of this process, students are asked to create a personal profile on the Australian Government's My Future website. This profile brings together much of the information outlined above and provides students with both a range of relevant career options, as well as the means to further explore these possibilities on the website. Although the process of inputting their data is time-consuming, the quality of the information generated by the website is directly proportional to the effort students make to complete their profile. 

Once completed and printed out, this personal profile comprises a major element of the SET Plan, as it enables the student to work backwards from their career goals to research the relevant education and training necessary to enter those occupations. When they have worked out the particular courses they wish to study, students may then identify any subject prerequisites for entering those courses which must be undertaken in Year 11 and 12, as well as the OP ranking needed to enter that course. Students are thereby better able to avoid a situation in which they attempt to apply for tertiary admission to a course, but have not studied the prerequisite subjects.

To assist Year 10 students with formalising their subject selections, the College holds a subject selection evening in August enabling students and parents to discuss the individual subjects offered in Years 11 and 12 with the teachers involved in the delivery of those subjects. Year 10 students are given the opportunity to have individual counselling with our Careers Coordinator to assist in subject selection. Parents are both welcome and encouraged to attend these sessions prior to the subject selection evening.

Understandably, this may all appear to be a very daunting process for students and parents to navigate through. Fortunately, help is at hand. One of the best places to start is the Job Guide Online which assists students in identifying the qualifications. This publication contains a wealth of information, not only about individual occupations and further education and training, but also about the process of narrowing down to a manageable number of alternative pathways.

Year 11 students have the opportunity to study a Diploma in Business, delivered at the College campus and via flexible learning. This Diploma will gives students between 40 to 80 credit points toward a Bachelor of Business and a QTAC rank of 85, which is around an OP 9. The cost is $3500 per student and the fees can be paid using VET – Fee Help Loan, which is similar to HECS.

QTAC's role is to provide a centralised tertiary application system and to publish comprehensive information for prospective applicants. Of particular interest to those students in Years 10 and 11, QTAC provides a comprehensive course search which details the prerequisites for each course. These are the subjects that should be studied in Years 11 and 12 and are linked to the exit assessment levels required at the end of senior study. For further information visit the following State websites:





SA and NT

Western Australia

The MedEntry exams (UMAT) are required to be taken in the year you are enrolling in your Medical course, generally Year 12. This course is a pre-requisite for some Medical courses at University. It can also assist students to gain entry into many Health Services courses. More information is available on the UMAT website.

Students can also participate in school based traineeships and apprenticeships (SATs) as a further vocational option. SATs enable students to complete a formal qualification as well as undertake paid work in their chosen career field. SATs are available in a diverse range of fields including: Multimedia, Childcare, Hospitality, Landscaping, Sport & Recreation, Beauty, Hairdressing, Automotive, Engineering, Carpentry and Live Production. Students participating in this programme will spend one day per week for a minimum 12 month period 'on the job' and will undertake formal one-on-one training throughout that 12 month period. Successful completion of a SAT with at least a Certificate III level qualification will provide a Tertiary Entrance Rank which can be used to apply for further tertiary study. For further information click here.

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