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Like every aspect of our College, we take our Christian foundation, as an Anglican College, very seriously and it is not simply an additional extra in which students are involved.  Our vision for our Christian Ministry is fivefold.

  • To provide a quality Christian Education Program from Prep – Year 12
  • To provide opportunities for faith development amongst the school community
  • To provide opportunities for meaningful worship for the school community
  • To provide pastoral support for the school community
  • To provide a place of worship and meeting for the wider Peregian Springs community

At the heart of what we do, we focus on the fact that we believe in a God of relationships.  Our Christian Ministry is not centred around a style of worship or symbolic images, it aims to show that God wants each and every one of us to be in relationship with him no matter what.

At St Andrew’s, we believe that real faith in the Lord Jesus is founded not on a set of religious rules, but on a precious relationship between God and His people. This relationship is made possible through what Jesus Christ has done for each one of us through the message known as the Gospel. This message explains a broken relationship that can be restored to harmony between God and people due to the life, death and resurrection of the ‘God-man’ Jesus Christ. It is a relationship where we decide to live honouring, loving and respecting our Maker. A relationship that compels us with gratitude to manage and care for His beautiful creation and everything that lives in it, and a relationship that causes us to treat other people the way that we too would want to be treated.

Our approach to Christian Ministry is in the orthodox tradition, with a firm commitment to what is taught in the Bible. It is this approach that suits the culture of our College and allows our Christian focus to be an integral part of everything we do.  We encourage you to read through these Chaplaincy pages and if you have any questions about our Christian faith or teaching, please let us know.


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