Year 6 experience action-packed visit from 'Specky Magee' author

Year 6 were fortunate enough to experience an action-packed visit from Australian children's author and illustrator Felice Arena yesterday afternoon. Felice talked about his new book, The Boy and the Spy, shared stories about his career as an author, illustrator and actor (even having a stint on 'Neighbours'!) and had one student demonstrate a 'specky', the inspiration of his popular character Specky Magee. 

He also shared advice on how he gets inspired to set the tone of his books, whether it be with music, sounds or a vision board. 

Felice also congratulated Year 6 student Maddy Parfitt, who recently won $5000 to spend on new books for the school library after being announced as winner of Penguin Random House’s Rafe’s Writing Competition.