Thanks for a wonderful Term 2

With the end of the semester finishing tomorrow, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all our staff, parents, students and friends of St Andrew’s for making this semester a most rewarding and positive one. I congratulate the students for the persistence and dedication they have applied to their studies over the past two terms, as well as their involvement and enthusiasm in such areas as year level camps, excursions and the various co-curricular activities. I continue to be impressed by their positive attitude, and determination to achieve. My appreciation also to our wonderful staff for their constant dedication and commitment. Thanks also to our parents who have provided tremendous support to provide the best educational environment for the students. For these reasons, we finish Semester One with a positive outlook toward growth and learning for the remainder of the year. 


Over the course of this semester, it has become noticeable that the number of unsupervised students remaining behind after school to play on the equipment or to play games such as handball has been increasing. Whilst it is lovely to see the children doing this, I do need to remind parents that the children who are playing in the Primary playground after school need to be supervised by their parents at all times. Please note that the teachers are not rostered to cover yard duty in the afternoons as they have other commitments after school that they must attend. To help us manage this, could I please ask again that you carefully watch over your child whilst they are playing of an afternoon. Also, please do not ask your child to play in the playground after school if you will not be there to supervise them. On numerous occasions, children tell us that their parents said they could play in the playground until they arrive to collect them, often as late as 3.30 pm. I would like to stress to all families that this is not to happen. If you need your child supervised after school, then please contact the staff at After School Care. We have put these procedures in place solely for the safety of the children. I thank you in anticipation for your assistance with this matter.


Congratulations to all the students involved in the two Primary Athletics carnivals this week. The Year 3 – 6 students showed terrific attitude, participation and encouragement throughout the athletics carnival whilst the Prep – Year 2 carnival is always one of fun and participation by the students. Thank you to our parents who attended the carnival to support their children.  Special thank you to Mr Steve Robson and the amazing HPE staff and Facilities staff for the organisation which is necessary for the running of these carnivals. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Also, well done to the Primary music students who participated in the Music Tour over the past three days. By all reports, this was an excellent experience for the students, gaining valuable skills in their music journey, and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you to Miss Savanna Greichan, Miss Elena Katahanas, Mr Ben Dean, Mrs Vanessa Herriman and Mrs Chelsey Eunson for accompanying the students and making this wonderful opportunity available for them.


A reminder that Term 3 commences for our students on Monday 16 July.


I wish you all a very relaxing, enjoyable and refreshing Winter break. See you all at the beginning of Term 3.

Mr Rob Paterson