Term 3 Debating off to a great start

Primary Debating

What an awesome start for our young debaters in the Sunshine Coast Debating Competition.

SAAC J3 (Year 6) : Ashley Tarsilli, Kai Pratt, Eric Hall-Smith and Zahlia Terlich were narrowly defeated by Mooloolabah State School in Round 1.


Debating Workshops

Our Debating Captains are doing a wonderful job of encouraging and coaching our young debaters.

Danielle Sealey and Mia Payne run a workshop for our Year 6 debaters prior to the Sunshine Coast Competition.


Secondary Debating

Round 1 of the Sunshine Debating Competition saw a win to both of St Andrew’s senior debating teams. Congratulations to SAAC 1 and SAAC 3 who debated the topic “We should pay to use National Parks”.

 SAAC Senior 3 competed against Matthew Flinders. Speakers were: 1st Speaker Dani Sealey, 2nd Speaker Sarah Wrigley, 3rd Speaker Jack Buksh.

This was a very close debate that resulted in a win for St Andrew’s. The adjudicators deliberated for 20 minutes to decide on the outcome of the debate. The result went our way as we had slightly better subject matter and the rebuttal of one of our points by their 3rd speaker impacted their model weakening their case.

We argued that our National Parks were there for all to use  and there should not be a payment for use (at the gate).

Our convincing arguments presented by our first two speakers were centred on:

  • Impact to tourism and the fact that so much is spent in the regions around National Parks that the value of this outways the benefits of a charge to enter the National Park
  • Use by School groups and for educational purposes – evidenced by the Victorian government charging for use and then having to cease this as schools using them fell dramatically
  • Health and wellbeing of people who use and enjoy National Parks – studies showing improved wellbeing
  • Indigenous groups – using  the parks to access their historical and sacred sites. It is also important that the parks are  available for all to learn about aboriginal culture.

Jack, as third speaker provided great rebuttal especially picking up the point their 3rd speaker made. The 3rd speaker argued that there would have to be exceptions to their model (to allow free access for Indigenous people) pointing out that this meant their model was flawed and it was quite late in the argument to be introducing a reworked model. He summed up our case very well.

All three spoke confidently and with passion. A great start to the competition.

Special congratulations to our Senior Team 1 who competed for the first time in the Senior Division. Jazz Rowe, Jessica Collins, Scout Warman Flood and Sam Young were formidable against the Matthew Flinders team. Whilst in this debate, St Andrew’s debated the affirmative case (“ That we should pay to use National Parks”), we again exited the debate with a win! This Year 10 team shows great promise as a very strong competitor in the senior division over the next few years.