Student Article - Year 11 Leadership Camp

We arrived at school with our bags and pillows, but no expectation or prospect of what we might learn on our Year 11 Leadership Camp. As the bus pulled in to Camp Somerset, it’s safe to say we were all really taken aback by the beauty of the area.

The first day had two major highlights, Laser Tag and our ‘Op Shop Disco’ night, which future grades should look forward to. Day 2 however was where barriers were broken, and arms were opened, all thanks to the awesome presenters from Burn Bright. Our day with Burn Bright was split into three parts, each bringing us out of our comfort zone and allowing us to relate as a cohort, providing connections between people that may otherwise not have occurred back in a school environment.

Speed Dating, Blind Drawing, Step to the Line game, and working together to get 110 students through a skipping rope were amongst all the things that allowed us to come together as a single, accepting cohort.

That night we bonded over cards, board games and of course, a classic campfire sing along. You could feel a change in the atmosphere. We were closer than ever and pleased to relax and be in each other’s company after a long day. The next day we had one last meeting and reflection and then we were done. It felt a lot longer than three days because we had experienced so much. Year 11 Camp is such an important part of the St Andrew’s journey. It offered us a time to reflect on what sometimes feels like a very long 12 years. It gave us the opportunity to look back on the highs and lows and decide how we want to spend our final year at St Andrew’s. Year 11 Camp came to an end all too quickly, but it lit a spark inside our year level and we’ll never forget those moments we shared together.

Thank you to the College, Heads of House and Mr Piper for making the Year 11 Leadership Camp happen.

Mia & Issy