Science Fair winners announced

Some of Australia’s future scientists took the floor of the Learning Hub last week for the Annual Year 7 Science Fair.

Students had worked in groups to come up with an investigation, plan and conduct the necessary experiments, and then analyse the data to support or disprove their hypotheses.

It was a very successful afternoon with 38 exhibits across a huge range of topics.

Congratulations to all of the students for doing a great job of working together to investigate a problem over a number of weeks, report their findings and then animatedly relate their findings to a very inquisitive crowd.

Click here for photos from the Year 7 Science Fair. 

Winners were announced as follows:

1st -  Keelan, Austin and Mason:                                 How does the ethanol concentration in petrol effect its energy output?

2nd -  Ava, Sienna and Katelyn:                           Which milk lasts longest in the same conditions?

3rd - Eric, Declan and Zachary:                         What effect does the pressure of a ball have on the distance it is kicked?

Mr Stuart Koy