SAIL website goes live

This week has seen the launch of a new website for the St Andrew’s Institute of Learning (SAIL)

SAIL is a research and innovation unit that is embedded within the College. It aims to connect with the outside world and bring in new research and ideas whilst providing an avenue for our staff and students to share externally the great things that are happening here within our College.

It is so important for us to be aware of the research and conversations that are taking place so that we can ensure that we are providing our students with the best possible education which will equip them for the years ahead. SAIL has four key project areas which are led by a Director and supported by SAIL Associates. They are:

Research and Seminars
We encourage staff to undertake research in many different forms. Whether it is a class-based ‘action research’ project, a small case study or gathering research information on a particular area in order to inform the decisions we make in the classroom. At SAIL, research is collaborative and it often involves teams of teachers or faculties, working as partners on the larger initiatives across the School. It is here that we aim to connect our work with the College Learning Framework so that we are constantly informing aspects of our practice.
Seminars for our staff, parents and wider community will continue to be delivered throughout the year by teachers, students or an external expert. These will aim to equip and inform on a variety of topics.


The OECD report: Schools for 21st-Century Learners outlined five key areas that strong leaders need to develop in their schools. Under the 5th point, Culture and Policies, it listed the importance of collaboration with wider partnerships and connections. SAIL desires to develop a global network that provides opportunities for staff and students to learn and grow together. This comprises of not only the overseas student trips that are part of our Global Learning Program but also our teacher and student exchanges and links with Universities and industry professionals.

Learning Networks

Learning Networks seeks to foster relationships and networking amongst educators with the purpose of sourcing and evaluating new teaching and learning strategies that are in line with The Learning Framework in order to enhance curriculum, use of learning spaces, and increase student engagement. By intentionally creating opportunities to gather, connect, observe, listen and discuss, staff will keep up to date with the latest global thinking and best practice with regards to technology, innovation and pedagogy.  

Positive Education

The realm of Positive Education comes under the banner of SAIL. St Andrew’s has invested time and resources to ensure that every member of the College staff has been trained to understand and implement the Positive Education approach.

We aim to bring together the science of Positive Psychology with best practice teaching in order to encourage and support individuals, schools and communities to flourish. We refer to flourishing as a combination of ‘feeling good and doing good’. Positive Education focuses on specific skills that assist students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing how SAIL will work within the existing structures of St Andrew’s to positively influence educational thinking and practice both here and in the wider educational community.

Tim Barrett

Director, SAIL (Partnerships)