Recycled art prize winners recognised

At the end of 2017, Year 8 students participated in the ‘Washed Ashore Marine Debris Sculpture Project’.

The project culminated in an exhibition of Year 8 collaborative artworks designed to raise awareness of the environmental impact of marine debris.

Each group of students created a sculpture constructed entirely out of collected, repurposed marine debris. Students also based their sculpture on their research of an animal that is directly affected by marine debris.

The Washed Ashore exhibition has continued in the Learning Hub during Term 1 2018 and has captured the eye of local business ‘Little Green Steps’ who made a generous donation of prize money to be awarded to the best artwork in the show. The winning sculpture was judged by Lucy Yule from EarthArtEd.  

We are pleased to announce the winning artwork for the 2017 Washed Ashore Sculpture Prize was awarded to ‘Plastic Disequilibrium’ by Charlotte Lethbridge, Lola Cornacchia, Vanessa Ceron-Lacey, Abby Jones and Jacqueline Elley.

Congratulations to the winning students and to all the students who participated in the exhibition!

Ben Hedstrom