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28 Apr

The Challenge of rewarding effort

As many parents will know, the challenge of moving away from rewarding results to rewarding the effort is an issue that I began talking about at the end of 2015.  Schools, parents and community organisations still struggle to move away from the need to constantly reward our children.  Let’s be...

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13 Apr

Can we create meaningful Easter celebrations?

Dear Parents

Welcome back to a new term here at the College.

This year, to me it seems more than any other, that the original significance of the Easter story and many of the Christian Easter symbols have been lost in the commercialization of Easter. Sometimes it’s easy to wonder...

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Introducing SAIL

Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to share with parents an exciting initiative that has been developed over the past twelve months here at the College.  Whilst we will host an official launch early next term, it is great to share this exciting concept – SAIL (St Andrew’s Institute of...

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23 Feb

Fostering Independence in our children.

A few years ago, we asked our community what were some of the top skills they felt their children should develop and possess in their time here at St Andrew’s.  Among the top ten was Independence.  Again, when we look at expectations from the workforce, the skills of independence, creativity and...

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