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08 Jun

Tackling world issues with children

Having once again witnessed the terrorist attacks in London, and following on from the recent events in Manchester, where children and young people were among the victims, I am aware that our own children are asking questions and seeking ways to understand these events. My younger kids regularly...

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Funding our schools

Once again the old chestnut of ‘funding of schools’ has hit the papers in recent weeks,  because the Federal Education Minister and the Prime minster recently launched ‘Gonski 2’.  Despite all the rhetoric and focus on different aspects of the proposals, I have read the Gonski 2 proposal in...

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18 May

Scenario Building for the future of St Andrew's

Dear Parents,

One of the great strengths of our College has been the ability to continually reflect on our practice and take steps to reflect and improve. Throughout 2016, College Council and the Executive team spent time working on our next strategic plan.  However, we undertook a...

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04 May

Uniforms, Why bother?

There is an enormous amount of debate and opinion with the wearing or not wearing of school uniform. Most schools in Australia do have a uniform, and this is across all the sectors, State, Catholic and Independent. Other countries vary in whether the majority of their school students are...

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