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18 May

Scenario Building for the future of St Andrew's

Dear Parents,

One of the great strengths of our College has been the ability to continually reflect on our practice and take steps to reflect and improve. Throughout 2016, College Council and the Executive team spent time working on our next strategic plan.  However, we undertook a...

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04 May

Uniforms, Why bother?

There is an enormous amount of debate and opinion with the wearing or not wearing of school uniform. Most schools in Australia do have a uniform, and this is across all the sectors, State, Catholic and Independent. Other countries vary in whether the majority of their school students are...

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28 Apr

The Challenge of rewarding effort

As many parents will know, the challenge of moving away from rewarding results to rewarding the effort is an issue that I began talking about at the end of 2015.  Schools, parents and community organisations still struggle to move away from the need to constantly reward our children.  Let’s be...

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13 Apr

Can we create meaningful Easter celebrations?

Dear Parents

Welcome back to a new term here at the College.

This year, to me it seems more than any other, that the original significance of the Easter story and many of the Christian Easter symbols have been lost in the commercialization of Easter. Sometimes it’s easy to wonder...

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