Play Basketball in Term 3

The Schools Basketball season is just around the corner with fixtures commencing in the first week of Term 3. The College competes in the Sunshine Coast Schools competition which takes place on a Friday evening.

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Teams are divided into the following age groups: 
·         Junior Teams - Year 6/7/8 Girls and Year 6/7/8 Boys
·         Intermediate Teams - Year 9/10 Girls and Year 9/10 Boys 
·         Senior Teams - Year 11/12 Girls and Year 11/12 Boys

How many teams do we enter at each age group?
This will depend on how many players sign up in each age group. The ideal squad number is around 7 or 8 as this allows for good game time whilst also giving adequate cover if players are ill or absent. For the same reasons, 6 players is too few and 10 is too many. For instance, if 22 sign up in an age group we would have two teams of 7 and one team of 8.

How do teams get selected?
In each age group an ‘A’ team will be selected to play in the A division. This team will be made up of the best 7/8 players in each age group, and selection will be based on performance and attitude over a number of training sessions prior to the season starting. After the A team has been selected, the remaining players will be placed into teams taking into account factors such as friendship groups and year groups. These teams will play in the B division or C division. We are encouraging students to create a team with a  group of friends and play each week. Please note that Year 6 students may compete against Year 8 students but we will aim to allocate our Year 6 students to an appropriate division.

When does pre-season training start?

Pre-season training starts soon and training takes place at the following times:
·         Monday 7.15am-8.15am – Senior (Year 11/12) Boys - starting Monday 4th June
·         Monday 3.15pm - 4.30pm – Intermediate & Senior (Year 9/10/11/12) Girls - Starting Monday 4th June
·         Tuesday 3.15pm - 4.30pm – Intermediate (Years 9/10) Boys - starting Tuesday 5th June
·         Wednesday 7.15am - 8.15am – Junior (Years 6/7/8) Boys and girls - starting Wednesday 6th June

Please note that Students in Years 9-12 will be required to purchase the new basketball short design, to match the singlet they will be provided. 
·         Please note that there will be a cost of $140 for this activity which will be billed to your school account. 
·         Players will be expected to make their own travel arrangements to and from the matches each Friday night.

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