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Science Fair winners announced

Some of Australia’s future scientists took the floor of the Learning Hub last week for the Annual Year 7 Science Fair.

Students had worked in groups to come up with an investigation, plan and conduct the necessary experiments, and then analyse the data to support or disprove their...

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06 Jun

Year 7 and 9 explore new experiences in Science

Year 7 Science – Heart Dissections

As part of a Body Systems Unit the Year 7 students have been learning about the Circulatory System and this week examined the structure of a heart in their first dissection! Students were growth minded and took risk in their learning by...

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Year 4 and 5 Music Immersion Concert

Our Year 4 and 5 students are busy preparing for their approaching Music Immersion Concert this Friday 8 June. Four our Year 4s, this is their first ever performance! You will also have the opportunity to meet the staff who have been working with your son/daughter across the semester in...

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04 Jun

Kokoda 2018

A massive congratulations for your involvement in what was an inspirational 2018 Kokoda Challenge.

This year, St Andrew’s entered an incredible 37 teams in this event, including thirteen 15km teams, eleven 30km...

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