Language Comp students bring home great results

On Sunday keen Spanish, Mandarin and Indonesian speaking St Andrew’s students entered the annual speech competition held by MLTAQ (Modern Language Teaching Association of Queensland) at the University of the Sunshine coast.  We walked away with 4 gold, 3 silver medals and 5 highly commended accolades.  (This was one of the biggest fields of competition we have seen gather together thus far!) 

Studying Languages has been shown to benefit students in terms of increased brain capacity, expanded communicative repertoire, extended literacy development, improved citizenship in local, regional and global contexts, greater knowledge and understanding of language and culture, enhanced creative and critical thinking, better knowledge of concepts across the curriculum, deeper understanding of themselves, heritage and identity, and improved employment and career prospects. It is now widely recognised that bilingual students perform better in NAPLAN tests. 

Photos: Georgie Richardson - SCGS