Holiday masterclass fuels Need4Feed

A group of Secondary students recently spent part of their September holidays engaged in cooking lessons as part of the Diabetes Queensland Need4Feed program.

The program provided opportunities for twenty students from a range of age groups to cook up a storm in the kitchen have lots of fun; improve their techniques and knowledge of nutrition.

Learning to be confident in the kitchen teaches many valuable skills as cooks create, interact, make decisions and use all their senses when developing and making meals. It is also a sneaky way of adding in some maths too. Many studies suggest that the more interest children have in preparing meals then the better chance that they will make healthier decisions.

Being at school and being able to concentrate on the important subject of food will hopefully make students aware of the nutritional requirements to fuel their bodies.

We are very grateful for the funding from the Queensland goverment to be able to run such an engaging program here on the Sunshine Coast.

Mrs Kate Lewis 

TIC Food Technology & Hospitality