Going further with Global Opportunities

Dear St Andrew’s community

This time of the year sees a portion of our staff and students out and about across the globe, taking up the diverse opportunities provided to them with our GO (Global Opportunities) programmes.  Over the past three weeks I have had the privilege of visiting our exchange students in Barcelona, Spain and have just returned from visiting Kindai High School in Osaka, Japan.  St Andrew’s has had a partnership with Kindai for almost eight years now and over that time, they have sent study tours to our College and we have sent both staff and students to spend time at Kindai High and Lexis English where they undertake an intensive Japanese language course.  In this recent visit we have broadened the various opportunities for our students with Kindai and I look forward to sharing these with you early next year.

 This year the exchange students are Jazz Rowe and Cheyenne Walstyn, and the exchange staff member is Mrs Libby Derham. As Tim Barrett and I chatted with Libby, Jazz and Cheyenne at Kindai it again reminded me why all our Global partnerships are so invaluable.  Students and staff are put in situations that are often challenging, where not only language is sometimes a barrier, but other aspects of life that we take for granted are quite different and unique.  The broader benefit in so many of these partnerships is that they are reciprocal and long term-friendships develop.  A number of Kindai students who have visited St Andrew’s over the past few years shared with us that they still keep in close contact with their St Andrew’s buddies.

As parents will know from our Facebook updates, we also have Secondary students who have been to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia.  Again, as the student feedback reveals, it is during these opportunities that students learn more about themselves, helping to form ideas about what is important and sometimes what is not so important!  I am really excited that our Head of Global and Service Learning, Mr Tim Barrett is undertaking training in a unique program that aims to measure CQ (Cultural Intelligence).  Developed in the US, we trialled the program in 2017.  The objective is to ascertain the impact our service and global programs have on our students and what we can do to better improve the experiences.  As always, it is important that we ensure that all global programmes are adding value to our students’ learning journey.

These and many other experiences we offer here at the College fulfil key strategic priorities of Encouraging Learning, Creating Opportunities and Building Connections.  Thank you to you, our parent body, in seeing the value of such programs and enabling them to take place with your support.  However, it is also a testament to our staff who volunteer in their own term break, to accompany and support the students so that we can offer a diverse range of opportunities and experiences.

We were recently visited by a travel specialist wanting to assist is in our programs.  When we sat with him and shared all that is on offer for our students and the breadth of opportunities they are exposed to, all undertaken and managed internally by our staff, he was truly impressed!  We are fortunate to have our GO programme run so well by our own staff who both know and support the culture that we have here at St Andrew’s, and I commend it to our College Community.  As always, if you have any particular questions about either the Global or St Andrew’s Serves program, please don’t hesitate to contact Tim Barrett on tbarrett1@saac.qld.edu.au

Term 4

I look forward to welcoming the College community back next Monday for what will be a short but exciting term. Updates for staffing for 2019 will be posted in next week’s Wavelength bulletin.

Best wishes

Reverend Chris Ivey