Getting prepared for Term 3

Dear St Andrew's community, 

As many of you would be aware I took long service leave for the majority of Term 2 and while I was unsure what I would do to fill in my time, I was able to fully relax in the knowledge that the hard working staff here at the College were able to cover my absence. Thanks to Mr Mike Clapcott, Mr Andrew Linthorne, Mr Cameron Piper, Mrs Jodi Weldon, Mrs Shirlene Cartmill, Mrs Jane Olivero and Mr Shaun Cleary in particular and indeed all staff for their hard work in ensuring that Term 2 in the Secondary School ran smoothly. I am enjoying being back with the St Andrew’s family.

Start of Term 3 Preparation

As written in previous bulletins, it is important that students feel they are well-prepared to start each term. This decreases any stress and allows students to immediately develop uninterrupted routines which are important for success.

Please ensure that your children/ teens have correct haircuts, correctly fitting and appropriate uniforms, free of stains and with hems adjusted if necessary. Jewellery must be acceptable as per the College policy and they have all the materials required for their subjects, especially if they are starting a new Semester elective. A reminder that formal uniform including formal hat is required on Wednesdays and that if students have sport on Wednesday that they change into sport uniform in the time allocated and not before.

The school day starts at 8:30am so please do not have your children entering the College at this time but leave at least 5-10 minutes for students to make their way to the Secondary home rooms.

As Ms Lauren Norbury wrote in a Bulletin earlier in Term 2 sleep routines are vital to the developing adolescent and their brains. Enforcing good habits based around sleep should start before the Term starts so I encourage you to talk to your teenager particularly if social media, gaming, television or other has resulted in less than ideal sleep patterns over the break.

Student Assessment Summaries

Staff have been busy marking and completing the Assessment Summaries over the holidays and into Week 1 of Term 3. Please be aware that you will receive an email from Mrs Jodi Weldon outlining exactly when the Summaries will be available.

Staffing Changes

As you know we have had quite a few staff changes over the last weeks that may have affected your child’s teacher/s. Please be aware that Mrs Weldon has emailed the parents and students of all the classes affected so as you are aware. The new teacher’s email address has also been included in these emails.

Traffic through the College and bike racks

Please be aware of the construction (Aquatic Centre) that is occurring at the top of the school. There may be intermittent interruptions to traffic flow and directions.

There are also many more bike racks available near Saints Café and the plan is that they will soon have a cover over them.

Year 12 Formal

The Year 12 Formal is on next Saturday night (21 July) and I look forward to students, parents and staff recognising and celebrating the journey and progress of each Year 12 student after thirteen years of education. For Year 12 parents and students please refer to the email from Mrs Amy Thompson regarding details for the evening which is also included in a link for Year 12 in this bulletin. Thanks to Amy and everyone else involved in the organisation of what will be a wonderful evening.

I look forward to seeing all the students and many parents next week.

Mr Brad Bowen