Cross Country Champions 2017

It was a super day of running for our Cross Country teams on Thursday 18th May at the Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Cross Country Championships. Our Primary team were first up at 8.30am with 11 years of history to uphold, having won the overall event 11 times since the first event held in 2004. The team were again wonderful with some outstanding performances. The Peterson boys were superb leading from the start and holding on all the way to the finish - Congratulations to Mitch ( 9 years) and Tom (10 years) who  both won their respective events. There were fantastic second places for Jesse Simmonds (9 years) and Mikaela Price (9 years).  Heidi Luhrs (10 years), Lucia Donger ( 11 years), Will Skinner (10 boys) and Ben Donger (11 boys) all picked up 3rd placings. There were plenty of determined runs from our entire Primary teams of 46 runners, with 22 St Andrew's runners gaining a top 10 finish and a further 18 runners inside the top 20 in each event. Absolutely wonderful.

Of the 8 Primary Age Groups St Andrew's placed 1st overall in 6 age group - 9 girls, 9 boys, 10 boys, 11 boys, 11 girls and 12 boys. The 12 girls placed 2nd and the 10 girls placed 3rd

Ben Donger, Will Skinner and Tom Peterson will now all compete at the Regional carnival on the 30th May and will be joined by Connor Meechan (12 years). Heidi Luhrs and Lucia Donger will also compete at the Regional Carnival and will be joined by Jordy Wright and Marcella Donger. The team came away with the overall win ahead of Matthew Flinders in 2nd and Grammar in 3rd.

The rich history of St Andrew's Cross Country continues! St Andrew's has now won the event 12 times - 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006 and 2005.
Thanks to all runners and families for your brilliant support. A special thank you to Nick Croft for his super preparation of the team.

The Secondary team were next up with a number of students missing due to their Connections commitments at Stradbroke, Melbourne and Brisbane. There were in fact no Year 9 students competing in the event, which made the achievement more special. This did not stop the team performing brilliantly and coming away with a deserved win, just ahead of Flinders in 2nd and Grammar in 3rd. This is the 4th year in a row St Andrew's Secondary teasm has won the Cross Country - 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Luca Warman Flood ran superbly to win the 13 years boys race. There were 2nd place runs for Zaelia Dunsdon (13 years), Charlotte Lethbridge (14 years), Gus Luhrs, (open Boys ) Marlee Harrison (15 years). The following runners picked up 3rd place, Sarah Jackson ( Open Girls), Emily Lethbridge (16 years), Cooper Davies ( Open Boys) and Isabelle Anderssen (13 years). Out of the team sof 56 runners - there were top 10 placings for 26 St Andrew's students and a further 17 runners inside the top 20. A fantastic achievement by so many. 
Congratulations to following Age groups who placed in the following:
1st Overall - 13 girls, 14 girls, Open girls, 16 boys, Open boys.
2nd Overall - 13 boys, 16 girls.
3rd Overall - 14 boys.

Congratulations to the following 18 students who will now compete at the Sunshine Coast Regional Carnival on Tuesday May 30th. 
Luca Warman Flood, Zac Bromage, Zach Brewer, Marlee Harrison, Cooper Davies, Gus Luhrs, Ben Maguire, Marc Mano, Matt Graham, Isabelle Anderssen, Zaelia Dunsdon, Charlotte Lethbridge, Lauren Maguire, Alex Dean, Emily Lethbridge, Sarah Jackson, Ellie Shaw and Scarlett Rees.


Independent District Champions

Boys 9 Year Olds – Mitchell Peterson
Boys 10 Year Olds – Thomas Peterson
Boys 13 Year Olds - Luca Warman - Flood

Independent District Runners Up

Girls 9 Year Olds – Mikaela Price
Boys 9 Year Olds – Jesse Simmonds
Girls 13 Year Olds – Zaelia Dunsdon
Girls 14 Year Olds – Charlotte Lethbridge
Boys 16 Year Olds - Marlee Harrison
Boys 17 – 19 Year Olds – Gus Luhrs

Independent District 3rd pacings

Girls 10 Year Olds – Heidi Luhrs
Boys 10 Year Olds – William Skinner
Girls 11 Year Olds – Lucia Donger
Boys 11 Year Olds – Ben Donger
Girls 13 Year Olds – Isabelle Anderssen
Girls 16 Year Olds – Emily Lethbridge
Girls 17 – 19 Year Olds – Sarah Jackson
Boys 17 – 19 Year Olds – Cooper Davies

Top 10 finishes

Girls 9 Year Olds – Jesse Levenson, Madeline Lawless and Amani Moore
Boys 9 Year Olds – Josh Pratt and Will Franklin
Girls 10 Year Olds – Georgia Bisett
Girls 11 Year Olds – Jordy Wright and Maggie Wydell
Boys 11 Year Olds – William Malone and Ben Bromage
Girls 12 Year Olds – Marcella Donger
Boys 12 Year Olds – Connor Meechan, William Bertholini and Tommy Price
Girls 13 Year Olds – Jessica Caffery and Zara Warren
Boys 13 Year Olds – Lucas Kljajcin
Girls 14 Year Olds – Lauren Maguire and Abbie Tolano
Boys 14 Year Olds – Darcy Renfrey
Boys 15 Year Olds – Zach Bromage and Ethan Frame
Girls 16 Year Olds – Alex Dean, Lucie Tolhoek and Intan Jay
Boys 16 Year Olds – Zach Brewer
Girls 17 – 19 Year Olds – Elizabeth Shaw and Scarlet Rees
Boys 17 – 19 Year Olds – Marc Mano, Ben Maguire and Matt Graham