Announcements for the coming weeks

An exciting term comes to an end with the final weeks of school for 2018 approaching rapidly!

A world of opportunities at St Andrew's

We currently have Senior students in Spain and Japan on exchange and very soon, students and staff will head off to Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal (Everest Base Camp)!

Forty-six St Andrew's students have just competed in the State Tournament of Minds competition with a team moving on to the Australasian Pacific Finals in Darwin, many sports teams are about to play in semi-finals and finals, students have been participating in drama nights, rock climbing, art workshops, Duke of Ed trips, music presentations are prevalent and there are many more events planned in the near future leading into Term 4. St Andrew’s is certainly a busy place but how fantastic it is to know that these opportunities are available for every student and not reserved for a few.

Thank you to our students, parents and staff for supporting, participating in, and 'buying into' the culture of our College.


This week I spoke during Assembly about the need to be bored and not fill all the ‘gaps’ with television, online games or social media. I explained the importance of allowing the brain time to reflect and re-energise. Research has shown that indeed these ‘down times’ are when the most creative ideas are born and when problems are solved. Click here to watch a TED talk that outlines the benefits of some boredom in life. 

Term 4

A reminder that at the start of Term 4 we will continue to require all students to have the correct dress code and hairstyles etc. when at the College. Emails will be sent to parents with regards to any concerns we have in these areas and we ask that any issues are dealt with in a supportive and timely manner. Currently, girls' skirt length and hairstyles tend to be at the top of our agenda, and we ask that these issues are addressed before the start of Term 4. The uniform shop is open in the break for any students who need to replace or top up uniform items. Some uniforms are looking quite worn and the term break is a good time to check all your supplies.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing you all next term.

Mr Brad Bowen