Accessing Year 7 & 8 student profiles on Canvas

Dear Parent and Guardians,

As part of our College's Teaching and Learning Framework (Learning in Action) we are giving students the opportunity to reflect and grow using a formative report in Canvas called the LIA Student profile.

The Profile provides teacher feedback about the first two dimensions of the St Andrew’s Learning Framework: a student’s:  (1) engagement in learning and (2) demonstrated ability in core learning skills.  This feedback has been created by teachers as they have worked with and observed students in class.  The intention is that students learn to identify and astutely judge their own strengths and areas in which they need to improve, through discussion of these important learning skills with their teachers. It is through reflection that students learn to intervene, change behaviour and grow!

If you are not familiar with using Canvas to view either marks or feedback then you can watch the below video which Grant Harbor, our Director of Digital Pedagogies, has created.

Please note that for 2018 we are still using St Andrew's Live as a formal reporting tool for summative assessment marks.

Click here or the image above to access a video on Accessing your child's Feedback and Marks. 

Mrs Adele Guy