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Wall of Fame

Congratulations to the many teams and students who achieved some wonderful honours in 2016

Primary School Independent District (10 schools) results:
Athletics Champions (Runner up 2016, 2017) 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
Swimming Champions 2011, 2010, 2009 runner up in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
X-Country Champions 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005

Secondary School Independent District
Swimming Percentage Champions 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012,2013, 2014
Champions 2017 - Overall runner up in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Athletics Champions 2016, 2015 Runner up in 2014 and 2013  3rd in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
Cross Country Champions 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014,  Runner up 2013, 2012 , 3rd - 2018, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

  • Sunshine Coast Champion School Sailing 2015
  • Sunshine Coast Champion School Water Polo 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
  • Sunshine Coast Champion School Basketball 2013, 2011 runner up 2017
  • Qld Brisbane International Tennis 2014, 2015, 2016,2017 - Runner Up in Qld
  • Sunshine Coast Schools Tennis Champions A division - 2017

Jake Packard - Olympian 2016 Rio - Australian 100m Breaststroke - Australian Champion 2016, 2015

Remy Fairweather - Swimming - Commonwealth Games Gold medallist 4x200m Feestyle - Australian National Silver medallist 400m, Junior 400m World Record Holder, Australian Age record holder. Junior World Champion

Brodie Modini - 1500m Track Aus Champion and selected to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Youth Games 2015

Nic Porter - Australian U17 Water Polo team tour of Europe 2015

Cassie Porter - Australian U12 Golf Champion 2015

Imogen Beardsley - U15 Australian All Round Gymnastics Champion 2015

Dylan Coolican - Schoolboys Water Polo to tour South Africa 2015

Jacqui Sjogren - Schoolgirls Water Polo to tour South Africa 2015

Tiana Sogaard Anderson - Australian U20 Water Polo World Championships 2016

Brodie Modini - Australian Athletics 800m 1500m Champion. Full Athletics scholarship to University of North Carolina 2016

Jordan Csabi - Australian Athletics 200m Champion - (Non school) Youth Olympics 200m - 10th -2016

Nic Porter - U16 Australian Water Polo, Australian Schoolboys Water Polo, Under 17 Australian Water Polo, U18 Australian Water Polo - World Champs 2016

Dylan Coolican - U16 Australian Water Polo and Schoolboys to tour South Africa 2016

Jacqui Sjogren - U18 Schoolgirls Water Polo - tour South Africa 2015 and 2016 tour to New Zealand

Rheece Powell - U18 Schoolgirls Water Polo - tour to New Zealand  2016

Jack Payne - Australia Athletics - Silver medal in U18 Boys Discus at Oceania Games in Fiji 2016

Emily Nicholas - Australia Athletics Silver medal in U18 Girls Javelin at Oceania Games in Fiji 2016​

Troy Dowrick - U16 Boys Australia Water polo - European tour 2017

Emily Lethbridge - Surfing Australian Girls U18 long board Champion 2017, 2018

Cooper Davies - Australian Open Men's Surfing Champion

Jack Beardsley - Australia U16 Football

Harry Hooper - Australia U18 Football (shadow)

Equestrian - Maya Hoolihan

Football - Harry Hooper, Jack Beardsley

Surfing - Giorgia Lorentson

Water Polo - Joshua Bennett, Oliver Dickson, Troy Dowrick

Swimming - Alek Taylor Lauren Maguire, Holly Roberts

Football - Jack Beardsley, Harry Hooper

Surfing - Cooper Davies, Emily Lethbridge, Gia Lorentson, Summer Gauld

Water Polo - Troy Dowrick

AFL - Will Bertholini

Cross Country - Charlotte Lethbridge

AFL - Jake Johnson

Surfing - Emily Lethbridge

Swimming - Matt Lewis, Shailee Finney

Water Polo - Maddi Coolican, Harrison Hill-Nolloth, Rheece Powell, Jacqui Sjogren

Aquathon - Heidi Luhrs

Athletics - Leo Drake, Charlotte Lethbridge, Heidi Luhrs, Casey Payne, Felicity St Baker, Chase Stone

Basketball - Darcy Condon

Cricket - Lleyton Chick, Claudia Toohey

Cross Country - Belle Anderssen, Benjamin Donger, Zahli Drummond, Zaelia Dunsdon, Charlotte Lethbridge, Angus Luhrs, Byron Page, Mitchell Peterson, Mikaela Price, Luca Warman-Flood, Maddison Woodward

Football - Jack Beardsley, Harrison Hooper, Keelan Bentley, Declan Parkinson, Jordy Wright

Hockey - Alex Dean

Netball - Sienna Hartnett

Surfing - Matthew Bain, Cooper Davies, Summer Gauld, Giorgia Lorentson

Swimming - Joshua Bennett, Zachary Bromage, Lyla Crouch, Amelie Lewis, Matthew Lewis, Lauren Maguire, Jayden Morrow, Holly Roberts, Alek Taylor

Tennis - Jordan Horner, Martin Vesely

Touch Football - Danielle Sealey

Water Polo - Joshua Bennett, Harry Comiskey, Oliver Dickson, Troy Dowrick, Fraser Duguid, Ethan Frame, Harrison Fry, Gus Powell, Nelly St Baker

Aquathon - Matt Lewis

Athletics - Ava Covell, Kennedy Whitworth, Zoe McKenzie, Paris Ewing, Charlotte Lethbridge, Tiegan McRae, Casey Payne

Golf - Blake Heiniger

Cricket - Zoe Mckenzie, Lara Swenson, Lara Daly, Claudia Toohey

Surfing - Ben Lorentson, Gia Lorentson, Emily Lethbridge, Summer Gauld, Cooper Davies, Adelaide Smith, Luis Farmer

Water Polo - Oliver Dickson, Harry Fry, Fraser Duguid, Josh Bennett, Troy Dowrick, Gabby Emerick, Nelly St Baker

Swimming - Joshua Bennett, Zak Bromage, Lyla Crouch, Tex Dixon, Aurelia Donger, Ella Honeysett, Mia LaFlamme, Amelie Lewis, Matt Lewis, Heidi Luhrs, Lauren Maguire, Will Moore, Jayden Morrow, Holly Roberts, Alek Taylor.

Cross Country - Tom Peterson, Luca Warman Flood, Cooper Davies, Gus Luhrs, Zaelia Dunsdon, Charlotte Lethbridge, Alex Dean, Emily Lethbridge, Riley Modini and Ellie Shaw.

Open Girls Football - Emma Wilkinson, Lissa Taft

Boys Football - Jack Beardsley

12 years Rugby Union - Dan Cashman, Matt Cashman, Jimmy Jacskon, Rhys Coolican

Open Boys Rugby - Joel Cavell, Alex Moses

Open Girls Basketball - Darcy Condon

Open Boys Basketball - Jake Turner

Open Girls Hockey - Alex Dean

AFL ( 12 years) - Will Bertholini

Netball ( 11 years) - Zoe McKenzie

AFL - Cooper Langan, Jake Johnson, Rana Dickson

Aquathon - Matt Lewis

Athletics - Toby EverardMarlee Harrison, Casey Payne, Gus Luhrs, Emily Nicholas, Aurelia Donger, Leo Drake, Owen Carey-Foster

Basketball - Darcy Condon

Cricket - Harry Sheppard, Tom Dean, Lara Daly

Cross Country  - Toby Everard, Chester Rees,  Riley Modini,  Josh Law,  Gus Luhrs,  Sarah Jackson,  Charlotte Lethbridge,  Scarlett Rees, Ashlee Becks, Cooper Davies, Luca Warman Flood, Amber Kimmel and Emily Lethbridge

Football - Sean Bentley, Jack Beardsley

Golf - Blake Heiniger

Hockey - Alex Dean

Surfing - Scarlett Rees, Darcee White, Jasmine Morrow

Swimming - Matt Lewis, Ella Honeysett, Mia LaFlamme, Shailee Finney, Joshua Bennett, Jayden Morrow, Lauren Maguire, Aurelia Donger, Zac Bromage

Tennis (Open) - Brett Fordyce, Hamish Everard, Toby Everard, Sabine Priestley, Nelly St Baker

Touch - Emily Nicholas, Zaelia Dunsdon

Water Polo - Jacqui Sjogren, Madi Coolican, Gabby Emerick, Rheece Powell, Eva Kharouni, Nelly St Baker, Steele Gribble, Troy Dowrick, Harry Fry, Jake Thomspon, Harrison Hill Nolloth

Cricket - (15 years Girls) - Lara Daly

AFL - Thomas Daly

Athletics - Jada Bakas, Keelan Bentley, Dash Comiskey, Lucia Donger, Axel Drummond, Daniel Fraser, Sarah Gordon, Scarlett Lacey, Jesse Levenson, Oscar Lock, Heidi Luhrs, Amani Moore, Jackson O'Reilly, Byron Page, Mitchell Peterson, Thomas Peterson, Will Piva, Mikaela Price, Nicholas Reed, William Skinner, Drew Smith

Girls Basketball - Sienna Hartnett

Boys Basketball - Maddox O'Reilly

Cricket - Dylan Hayes, Thomas Daly, Luke Sheppard

Cross Country - Keelan Bentley, Benjamin Donger, Lucia Donger, Axel Drummond, Scarlett Lacey, Madeline Lawless, Heidi Luhrs, Bryon Page, Mitchell Peterson, Thomas Peterson, Mikaela Price, Jesse Simmonds, Daniel Tappenden, Jordy Wright

Girls Football - Lucia Donger, Jesse Levenson, Jordy Wright, Maggie Wydell

Boys Football - Keelan Bentley, Maddox O'Reilly, Brae Parkinson, Declan Parkinson, Tyler Roche, Bo Seetoo

12 Years Netball - Sarah Gordon, Sienna Hartnett

11 Years Netball - Anna Campbell Balkin, Matilda Charlton, Scarlet Lacey

Rugby - Spencer Frame

Swimming - Monique-Elise Blackmore, Amelie Lewis, Heidi Luhrs, Holly Roberts, Eva Skinner, William Skinner

Tennis - Dash Comiskey, Benjamin Donger, Lucia Donger, Jade Leaman, Martin Vesely, Maggie Wydell

Boys Touch - Ben Gordon, Maddox O'Reilly

Swimming - Holly Roberts, Ben Donger, Tommy Price, Mia LaFlamme, Lyla Crouch, Matt Lewis, Amelie Lewis, Heidi Luhrs.

Cross Country - Ben Donger, Will Skinner, Tom Peterson, Connor Meechan, Heidi Luhrs, Lucia Donger, Jordy Wright, Marcella Donger

Boys Basketball - Maddox O'Reilly

Cricket - Tom Daly, Harry Sheppard, Jimmy Rudkin

Athletics - Keelan Bentley, Dash Comiskey, Ava Covell, Oscar Lock, Heidi Luhrs, Bella Major, Zoe Mckenzie, Tom Peterson, Will Piva, Nichoals Reed, Holly Roberts, Grace Scammells, Harry Sheppard, Will Skinner, Lara Swenson, Kennedy Whitworth

AFL - Will Bertholini, Hudson Johnson

Girls Football - Sofie Hayes, Ava Butler, Lucia Donger, Jordy Wright, Maggie Wydell, Grace Scammells

11 years Girls Netball - Zoe McKenzie, Sienna Hartnett, Sarah Gordon

12 years Girls Netball - Grace Scammells

Boys Football - Maddox O'Reilly, Bo Seetoo, Keelan Bentley, Eric Hall Smith

Tennis - Maggie Wydell

Boys Touch - Tim Bain, Will Bertholini, Cooper Law, Angus Campbell Balkin

Girls Touch - Jemima Bromage

Rugby - Dan Cashman, Matt Cashman, Zac Lewis, Angus Campbell Balkin, Jimmy Jackson

AFL - Cooper Langan, Jake Johnson

Athletics - Toby Everard, Keelan Bentley, Angus Campbell-Balkin, Ava Butler, Zoe McKenzie, Harry Sheppard, Jimmy Rudkin, Oscar Lock, Cooper Law, Marcella Donger, Abbi Weldon, Eric Hall Smith, Lucia Donger, Luca Warman-Flood, Belle Anderssen, Jessica Caffery, Connor Meechan, Lola White, Maggie Wydell, Grace Veivers

Cricket - Harry Sheppard, Lara Daly

Cross Country - Lucia Donger, Jordan Wright,  Lola White, Isabelle Anderssen, Zaelia Dunsdon,Toby Everard,  Connor Meechan, Luca Warman-Flood

Athletics - Keelan Bentley, Dashiell Comiskey, Ava Covell, Oscar Lock, Heidi Luhrs, Bella Major, Zoe McKenzie, Thomas Peterson, Will Piva, Nicholas Reed, Holly Roberts, Grace Scammells, Harry Sheppard, William Skinner, Lara Swenson, Kennedy Whitworth

Football - Zoe McKenzie, Grace Scammels

Netball - Marcella Donger (11 Years), Abbi Weldon (12 Years)

Rugby - Dougal McLeod (12 years)​

Swimming - Matt Lewis, Marcella Donger, Mia LaFlamme, Ella Honeysett

Tennis - Kirra Dowrick, Poppy Gauld, Hamish Everard, Toby Everard

Touch Football - Isabelle Anderssen, Jessica Caffery, Zaelia Dunsdon, Dougal McLeod, Max Davidson

Athletics - Joshua Bennett, Darcy Condon, Leo Drake, Zaelia Dunsdon, Paris Ewing, Lucy Holzberger, Charlotte Lethbridge, Sam Luca, Angus Luhrs, Lila McIntyre, Tiegan McRae, Jaime Murfin, Casey Payne, Nicholas Robinson, Jimmy Rudkin, Jet Smith, Felicity St Baker, Chase Stone, Luca Warman-Flood, Jake Wiley, Maddison Woodward

Basketball - Ruby Bergman, Darcy Condon, Ethan Jenkins, Jake Johnson, Jade Luca, Ben Morris

Cross Country - Belle Anderssen, Zachary Bromage, Cooper Davies, Alex Dean, Zahli Drummond, Zaelia Dunsdon, Charlotte Lethbridge, Lily Lethbridge, Angus Luhrs, Riley Mackeown, William McCaig Moore, Lila McIntyre, Melissa Taft, Luca Warman-Flood, Maddison Woodward

Football - Jordan Atkinson, Jack Beardsley, Zoe Bebbington, Nicholas Brisk, Tao De Vincenzo, Marcella Donger, Sabine Eden-Gaal, Georgia Hooper, Harrison Hooper, Emma Jackson, Marlon Kostromin, Joshua Law, Angus Luhrs, Jessica McCaig Moore, Maddison McLeod, Darcy Morgan, Sofia Savic, Chase Stone, Bradley Thompson, Nathan Thompson 

Netball - Darcy Stone, Abbi Weldon, Ruby Bergman (Res)

Rugby - Kai Marshall, Max Siemon

Surfing - Matthew Bain, Timothy Bain, Zac Brewer, Cooper Davies, Luis Farmer, Summer Gauld, Emily Lethbridge, Ben Lorentson, Giorgia Lorentson, Jasper Mark, Adelaide Smith, Oscar Smith, Felicity St Baker, Nelly St Baker

Swimming - Joshua Bennett, Zachary Bromage, Lyla Crouch, Oliver Dickson, Tex Dixon, Aurelia Donger, Marcella Donger, Ella Honeysett, Matthew Lewis, Lauren Maguire, Jayden Morrow, Alek Taylor, Griffin Willey

Touch Football - Lachlan Campbell Balkin, Kate Condon, Zaelia Dunsdon, Paris Ewing, Georgia Hooper, Sarah Jackson, Amber Kimmel, Angus Luhrs, Imogen McLeod, Samuel Rieger, Lachlan Saw, Danielle Sealey, Emma Wilkinson

Volleyball - Jemma Bates, Rana Dickson, Isabel Mathers, Izzy Parfitt

Swimming - Josh Bennett,  Zak Bromage, Tex Dixon, Lauren Maguire, Ben Maguire, Ria Donger, Will Moore, Griffin Willey, Ella Honeysett, Jayden Morrow and Alek Taylor.

Cross Country - Luca Warman Flood, Zac Bromage, Zach Brewer, Marlee Harrison, Cooper Davies, Gus Luhrs, Ben Maguire, Marc Mano, Matt Graham, Isabelle Anderssen, Zaelia Dunsdon, Charlotte Lethbridge, Lauren Maguire, Alex Dean, Emily Lethbridge, Sarah Jackson, Ellie Shaw, Scarlett Rees

Athletics - Felix Drake, Riley Modini, Gus Luhrs, Sarah Jackson, Charlotte Lethbridge, Luca Warman-Flood, Zaelia Dunsdon, Sofia Savic, Leo Drake, Casey Payne, Tex Dixon, Paris Ewing, Emily Lethbridge, Imogen McLeod, Grace Veivers, Tiegan McRae, Callum Regan, Louis Parker, Aurelia Donger, Ellie Shaw, Fergus Kane, Nicholas Robinson, Darcy Condon, Felicity St Baker

15 years Netball - Darcee Stone

18 years Netball - Zoe Dick

Open Touch - Gus Luhrs, Ben Condon, Alex Moses, Callum Regan, Sam Rieger, Sarah Jackson, Emma Wilkinson, Danielle Sealey, Grace Breen, Ella Robson, Scarlet Rees

15 years Touch - Gus Powell, Ollie Dickson, Summer Gauld, Sofia Savic, Gia Lorentson, Kate Condon, Amber Kimmel, Zaelia Dunsdon, Imogen McLeod, Aurelia Donger, Georgia Young

Open Boys Basketball - Leon Zahn, Rory Shannon, Jake Turner

Open Girls Basketball - Darcy Condon

Open Girls Football -  Issy Tomkins. Emma Wilkinson, Lissa Taft, Rana Dickson, Mieke Davis, Maddi Woodward

Open Boys Football - CJ Regan, Luca Schnizer, Harry Hooper, Harrison Fryer, Angus Luhrs, Jack Beardsley

Open Boys Rugby - Alex Moses, Kai Marshall, Tom Siemon, Joel Cavell

Rugby League - Oli Dickson

Surfing - Summer Gauld, Gia Lorentson, Dippy St Baker, Ben Lorentson, Matt Bain, Oscar Smith, Adelaide Smith, Emily Lethbridge, Nelly St Baker, Darcee White, Cooper Davies, Zac Brown, Luis Farmer, Noah Sievert-Kloster

Girls Football - Georgia Hooper, Sabine Eden Gaal, Emma Jackson, Zoe Bebbington

Boys Football - Jack Beardsley, Joshua Law

Basketball ( 15 years Boys ) - Ethan Jenkins

Basketball (15 years Girls ) - Ella Malic, Isabelle Cattermole

AFL - Rana Dickson

Athletics - Jack Brownlee, Owen Carey-Foster, Zoe Dick, Aurelia Donger, Leo Drake, Marlee Harrison, Sarah Jackson, Jordan Kath, Amber Kimmel, Dylan King, Joshua Law, Emily Lethbridge, Caleb Lever, Angus Luhrs, Tiegan McRae, Emily Nicholas, Louis Parker, Casey Payne, Jack Payne, Scarlet Rees, Libby St Baker, Harry Tomkins, Angelique Turner, Maddison Woodward, Amy Wright, Sam Young

Basketball (Open) - Rory Shannon , Leon Zahn    (15 Years) - Andrew Shaw, Darcy Condon

Cross Country -  Charlotte Lethbridge, Aurelia Donger, Amber Kimmel, Emily Lethbridge, Nelly St Baker, Maddison Woodward, Sarah Jackson, Elizabeth Shaw, Scarlett Rees, Zoe Dick, Rana Dickson, Jake Tolhoek, Joshua Law, Gus Powell, Louis Parker, Angus Luhrs, Riley Modini, Cooper Davies, Matt Graham, Jack Brownlee, Chester Rees, Sam Jackson

Football - (Open) - Sam Jackson, CJ Regan   (15 Years) - Sabine Eden-Gaal, Ella Fabrizio, Emma Jackson, Issy Tomkins, Maddi Woodward, Livvi Parfitt, Maddy Mcleod, Sean Bentley, Jack Beardsley, Nathan Thompson

Netball - Roberta De Vincenzo

Rugby - Max Siemon (15 years), 

Surfing - Noah Sievert-Kloster, Cooper Davies, Jasmin Morrow, Darcee White, Scarlett Rees, Jakob Armitage, Jasper Mark, Emily Lethbridge, Nelly St Baker, Adelaide Smith, Gia Lorentson

Swimming - Zac Bromage, Zoe Dick, Josh Bennett, Will Moore, Jayden Morrow, Jasmine Morrow, Mia Smallman, Dylan Coolican, Troy Dowrick, Steele Gribble,  Gabrielle Emerick, Shailee Finney, Harrison Fry,  Charlie Thompson, Alek Taylor, Jolie Whan, Lauren Maguire, Joe Keelan, Aurelia Donger

Touch Football - Emma Wilkinson, Emily Nicholas, Rheece Powell, Danielle Sealey, Chester Rees, Joel Cavell, CJ Regan, Alex Moses, Ben Condon, Samuel Rieger, Angus Luhrs, Gus Powell

Volleyball - Harry Tomkins, Owen Carey Foster

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Wed, 30 Jan 2019 (All day) to Fri, 05 Apr 2019 (All day)
Fri, 01 Feb 2019 -
3:30pm to 4:30pm

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 - 7:00am to Fri, 08 Feb 2019 - 5:00pm
Tue, 05 Feb 2019 -
8:00am to 1:00pm

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